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This is a survey for tech leaders to get a better understanding of how tech companies (from small to big) hire and retain talent, manage software development, experiment with outsourcing and ensure code quality.

Responses are collected anonymously.

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How big is your software team? *

What is your biggest challenge in software development? *

What have you done to overcome this challenge?

What are your company’s primary programming languages? (select up to 2) *

What new programming languages are you considering to use in the next 12 months? (select up to 2) *

Do you use any tools for software testing? *

What tool(s) do you use for testing?

What are the factors that are limiting you from using one? *

What tool do you use for project management? *

What version control system do you use? *

What SCM tool(s) do you use? (select up to 2) *

What tools do you use to communicate during a project? (select up to 3) *

What’s your most efficient method to hire talent for software development? *

What are your most important hiring criteria? (Select up to 2) *

How do you attract new software developers? (Select up to 2) *

How do you keep software developers motivated? *

Is remote work allowed at your company? *

How many employees from the software team works remotely? *

Are you planning to allow remote work in the next 12 months? *

Have you ever outsourced software development fully or partly? *

To whom? *

How satisfied were you with the results? *

Are you planning to outsource software projects in the next 12 months? *

Do you use any of these agile software development methodologies? *

How effective is software development at your company? *

Accomplishing goals, producing the intended results...
What metrics do you use to measure developer performance? *

Speed of developer: how do you measure it?

Code Readability: how do you measure it?

Third-party scoring/grading: how do you measure it?

What is the #1 measured criteria for success of software development managers? *

What is the #1 cause of delivery problems for your team? *

How do you ensure code quality? (select up to 2) *

What’s your role in your company? *

How many full-time employees does your company have? *

To whom does your company primarily sell? *

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